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Vintage Repurposed


have always loved to repurpose treasures - finding wonderful things and giving them a new life

and purpose; making them fun and beautiful.


to that end...here are some of the creations that we are offering and we hope that you like

them.  they all come in a glassine bag tied with ribbon with a product card inserted inside

perfect for gift giving - either to a friend or to yourself.


Scissor Hive $22.00


these little beauties stand 3" tall, come complete with good quality preemie snips, are felted on

on the bottom for furniture protection, wrapped with wool felt, wrapped again with gingham

ribbon and then adorned with a 2 sided brass buzzy bee charm.


Pin Pulleys $20.00

from dirty and thrown in a box to these - originally these were rope pulleys, we pulled all the

metal hooks and washers off them, cleaned them up, felted the bottoms for furniture protection

added a 4cm wool felted ball, wrapped the "rope" spot in prim'd double-sided measuring twill

tape, wrapped the wool ball in prim'd pom pom trim and then starting adding gourd and regular

safety pins, mother of pearl buttons, glass head pins and a sparkly jewel pin just because and

they measure 2" in diameter...

we will eventually have 12 colors but once a color is depleted it will be removed from this page.


 gold dust                                                    


ruby throat                                                 

old carrots - coming soon

kiwi - coming soon

sand dollar - coming soon

cotton candy - coming soon

lime zest - coming soon

vintage - coming soon

mermaid - coming soon

naked - coming soon


Thumb Pump Oil Can Pincushions - tiny, medium and over the top - coming soon!!

these are vintage oil cans that have been cleaned, sealed, weighted and then embellished with a

wool strawberry cushion, french knotted for personality, pinned and primped with some

wonderful pins and then bowed to perfection with bias cut, handpainted silk ribbons.  these are

"one-of-a-kind" type of things (because of the individual oil cans) and once they have been

adopted they will be removed and another will take it's place.  each is priced according to size of

oil can and of course that will make a difference as to shipping costs.


Silk Tie Pin Berries - coming soon!!

Vintage silk tie fabric (exceptional weight) that has been prim'd, stuffed with crushed walnut

shells, embellished with prim'd wool felt cap that has been adorned with mother of pearl button

and quarter inch rayon seam binding, add a few glass headpins and some safety pins and you

have  a small perfect place for needles/pins to tuck in your sewing supplies.



please check back -there's definitely more coming