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Printable Order Form

This form can also be "cut and pasted" into an email and sent to lois@elegantstitch.com 
This form can be printed off and mailed or faxed to:

Elegant Stitch
144 Woodrow Avenue, Suite 2
Modesto, California 95350-1158
Fax Number 209/529-5008

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Name: __________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________
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Telephone (with Area Code): ____________________________________________
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E-Mail Address: _______________________________

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Sub-Total _______________

CA Tax (8.5%) (if applicable) _______________

Shipping Costs: For your safety and speed in delivery, any order over $30.00 will be shipped U.S. Post Office Priority Mail.

If your order totals less than $30.00 - U.S. 1st Class Postage will be charged at the current postal rates plus the cost of the padded envelope (if used).

All orders shipped overseas will be shipped via airmail (either Global Priority or regular airmail) unless surface mail is requested. Overseas shipping will be charged at the price determined by the weight of the package plus the wholesale cost of a padded envelope (if used).
Canada and Mexico: U.S. Airmail or Global Priority as appropriate.

If you have any questions, please call at 800/790-0810.

Shop Policies Please

Special Orders: Items which are not usually stocked by Elegant Stitch require full payment at the time of orders. All other special orders will be held for two weeks after notification. After that time, all unpaid merchandise will be put back on the sales floor.

Returns: For the protection of all, you cannot return books, chart packs, graphs, opened kits, floss, fibers, custom-cut fabric, mats or frames. In addition, special orders cannot be accepted for returns because they are not items the shop carries. All other returns must be made within two weeks of purchase and must be accompanied by a receipt.