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so - you all wondered what we were doing out here...well, we were bored - didn't have anything to do  - so we decided - in the course of three weeks - to move our shop.  'tis true.  three weeks ago i didn't have a new shop and by this coming sunday we will be all moved into the new shop and it will be all over except for the security installation (monday), pg&e turning on (monday) and the new phone system/internet install on tuesday afternoon.

it's a rather long, boring and ugly story but the long and short of it is that my present lease ran on 12/31/2015.  rent was going to go up at least $400 and my landlord decided that we would need to pay triple net (landscaping/insurance/etc.) as well.  that made the decision easier but the timing just sucked.

we either did it now (and that took some major scampering) or we did it after our event the middle of october before we went to Dallas the first weekend in november to walk 60 miles in 3 days or we did it when we got home from Dallas sometime between thanksgiving and christmas and the end of the year.

all of this was predicated on the availability of a space that would work for us and that was available and that was the right price.  now, couple this with the fact that the real estate agent already had new tenants who wanted our space and they wanted it RIGHT NOW and in fact, 2 weeks ago today - they were in my shop wanting to me to move the next day - and having large 100 pound rolls of vinyl delivered without a phone call of explanation.

somehow - somebody was watching out for all of us - i found a place that following tuesday, signed the rental agreement, paid the deposits and started making plans and packing like wild women and as of tomorrow - or actually on sunday 09/21/2015 we will be totally out of the old shop and into the new shop.

somethings had to change and the part that did change was the fact that we will no longer be open for walk-in customers.  for all but about 5% of you - this will not change a thing for you - we will continue to take care of our customers as we always have via the internet/phone/email/fax, etc.  for my local customers - it will require a phone call to see if we are there and it might take a little pre-planning on your part but we will continue to take care of you.

i've been in business starting my 19th year and plan to continue being in business for quite awhile, but i needed to make some changes in how i do business and given the set of circumstances - we had to "small down" significantly and if we all suck in and use a shoe horn - we can operate in the space we have moved to - but it just doesn't involve a "door open" retail operation but rather as "door closed" retail operation.  last time we made some changes in our business hours - rumors flew all over the internet about how i had a terminal illness, about how i had died,  about how my business was falling apart - you name it - it got talked about and nobody came to me and actually asked me - what wasn't known was manufactured and 99% of it was untrue and false.

if you have any questions - please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or email - we will answer you truthfully and honestly but please be assured that we are still very much in operation and we are doing just wonderfully well.  

i will also tell you that if it had not been for the tuesday tarts - NONE of this would have happened - they rallied, they packed, they moved boxes and metro racks and threw out and shuffled and organized and brought me coffees and hugged me and kicked me in the butt when i needed it.  we are almost finished as of today - the final tweaking will be done over the course of the next few weeks before our Betsy Morgan event and then it will be all over except for the joy of having time to do updates, take care of my customers the way they deserve to be taken care of, to keep my ebay business humming along at a rapid pace and maybe even have a few hours to do some of the things that i love to do and haven't been able to because the days aren't 72 hours long and i'm not trying to keep 2,400 square feet under control.

there's the news - it's been the survival of the fittest and last time i checked - we were all still alive and putting feet in front of each other and tomorrow morning didnot and scruff la la will be moved over to their new home and i will never ever move again - they will set the building on fire and burn it down around my ears before i do this again!!!

questions - you know where to find me and i welcome your comments and thanks for reading.

lois mouriski bear - owner - elegant stitch
209.529.6393 (but not until tuesday afternoon) ;)

and, shock of shocks - i will have an update done before sunday is over - that i promise.