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Team Twinkle Support

These are special items that we have made here in the shop to support our fundraising efforts for the 3day 60 mile Koman Walk.  We will be adding and removing as these sell out...and once they are gone...we cannot re-create them because most of them are made from repurposed vintage products.

We are very busy working on items for 2016...strawberry pincushions made from renewed silk tie materials...and some other very fun things with spools and felted balls and maybe some shot glasses and you just never know where our brains are going to go...there might be some beading in there too...could be fun...we shall see ;)

If you are interested in any of these items - please drop me an email describing which item you would like and I will send you a paypal account invoice.   Because these are donations to our Twinkle Toes Team I must keep the funds out of Elegant Stitch, Inc. and the donations thru PayPal can be applied directly to team members who need fund-raising help. All of these funds goes to the 3day 60 mile Koman walk in support of our team participation.

essie thread board essie thread board (purchased thru the shop) $10.00
kelmscott designs did these for us...we are so pleased with them and so thankful for paula's support and grand ideas!!!  we just love her

Shipping is a flat $3.00 for 1 item and $4.00 for 2 items.

We also can't do automatics on these - never knowing how many of any particular "repurposed" item we will have available.  If you see something here that you have to have - please email me and I will do the PayPal invoice immediately.  Thanks so very much.

French Thread Spindle Pincushion $25.00
This is an old repurposed spool/spindle from the mills in the South.  There is a 100% wool pincushion on top of the spindle that is trimmed in black rick rack.  There is an embellished luggage tag with a pic of the eiffel tower hanging from the spindle and rayon ribbons and black safety pins and straight pins adorn the "cushion".  The finished spindles stand 5" tall.  These are limited in number and the shipping on this item is $4.00 and $5.00 for two spindles.


Off-white wool felt rolled and placed in an antique crystal glass filled with mother of pearl buttons that have been glazed into the glass.  The wool roll has been embellished with wool flowers and adorned with beautiful pearl pins.  I have six of them at the moment and really need to spend some time searching our local antique stores for more of the beautiful stemware.  Shipping on these because they are so delicate will have to be $5.00.


Pink Carnival Glass Pincushion
 $15.00 each

These are made with 100% wool prefelt fabric rolled and fitted into an antique, repurposed pink carnival glass salt dip.  They are embellished with pink glass flowers and seed beads and then pins are added to the pin cushion itself so you are never looking for a special pin (or needle) because they are right there.  The  salt dips measures 1.75" in diameter and stands 1.5" tall.   The pincushions/salt dips are packaged in a glassine bag tied at the top.

Pink Houndstooth Wool and Felt Ball Pincushion $11.00 each These are fashioned from a 100% wool felted ball, a wooden thread spool, wrapped with 100% Weeks Dye Works wool, wrapped with pink gingham ribbon, embellished with a mother of pearl button and adorned with regular and hand-made pins. The entire pincushion stands 3.25" tall not including the pins and is packaged in a glassine bag tied at the top.




Antique Domino Pin Keeps $6.00 each
Two repurposed domino tiles...and in between is a wonderful thick piece of off-white wool felt with the whole "sandwich" tied together with 7mm silk ribbon and adorned with white pearl headed pins on both ends. 


and...i have a million other ideas too!!!  could be a fun fall!